Thursday, March 15, 2012

There's Always Spell Check

In the midst of dealing with trying to get evaluation reports from the independent doctor who charged us a ridiculous amount of money, an evaluation from the school system that was supposed to do the eval over a month ago, and an IEP meeting from the same school that doesn't seem to want to do anything to help my kid get services she the midst of all of that, Parent/Teacher Conferences descended on us.

Come to find out, even with the "mild language-based learning disability", she has bumped up over two reading levels.  She is at (perhaps even a bit above) grade level.  Yay!!  That's a huge step for her.  But as we discovered during her testing, Kiddo doesn't have a problem with 'decoding'.  Her main problem lies with 'encoding'.  In other words, her learning disability doesn't inhibit her reading, but it severely inhibits her being able to put pieces of the word together to spell it correctly.  This is the crux of the problem, of course.  She spells WELL below where she should, well below what her intelligence says she should be able to do.

In going over recent test scores, the Teacher mentioned that Kiddo's writing was getting better.  Then I asked about the spelling issue.  Teacher says, yes, the spelling issue is there but that she really doesn't want any of us to worry about it because, "After all, there are always things like spell check!"

Wait.  Back up.  Say that again?  Spell check?!  THAT'S your solution?!  Come on!

Yeah, I know, I'm overly sensitive about it all at this point.  But spell check?  My kid needs to learn to spell.  Yes, spell check will make things *slightly* easier.  But only *slightly* and only if she's at a computer.  That doesn't help if she's writing something longhand.  Notebooks don't have spell check!  Test papers don't have spell check!  And no matter what anyone says, spelling counts.  It always counts.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will get the report from our doc soon, that the school will stop losing our requests for evaluation, that they will perform their evaluations and go everything that needs to be done so that my daughter can learn how to spell something more than her name and "duck".  Okay, yes, she knows how to spell more than that, but I don't want her relying on a computer to help her get through a paragraph....or a sentence.  Cross your fingers for me.

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