Friday, May 4, 2012

Feeling Victorious!!

So we finally had our meeting at school to see if Kiddo qualified for an IEP to help with her writing/spelling issues.  And now all I have to say is.....whew! it's finally over!!

Okay, I have way more to say than that.  But it's really no wonder that more children don't get the services they need to succeed.  The road to Special Education is such a difficult process.  Thank goodness for 1) my sister-in-law and 2) Outside Evaluations.

Without my sister-in-law bestowing all of her hard earned Special Ed knowledge on me, I wouldn't have known what kind of homework to do.  I wouldn't have known my rights.  I wouldn't have known what my options were.  Because God knows, the school system isn't going to tell the parent.  Why do that?!  But because of my sister-in-law pointing me in the right directions and lending me her books, I was able to do my homework about what was going on with the whole situation.  And because I knew what I was talking about, the school didn't have a choice but to listen to me.  I knew the language.  And I was able to use it.

Without the Outside Evaluation to use as leverage, all I would have had was my own opinion to prove what services Kiddo needed in order to succeed.  With the Outside Evaluation, I could point to the opinion and test results of a very reputable doctor and say, hey look, see, this is what she needs!

Would they have put her on an IEP without the doctor's evaluation?  Maybe.  I don't know.  But it was much easier when we had it.

So now, she'll be able to get extra help in reading and writing plus she'll get help with her anxiety.  So all is good at the moment.  I feel like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders.  And while I wish all of this had happened months ago, at least it's finally happening.  And perhaps now Kiddo can succeed the way she is capable of succeeding!!

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