Monday, March 25, 2013

Pic Fix

I was flipping through one of the Kiddo's magazines the other day because I like to see what the magazine is all about.  She doesn't usually care for the Teen Beat type magazines (though she has bought one of those recently).  She's more about the American Girl magazines and things like that.  She's read Cricket and Appleseeds and all of those, but she still prefers American Girl.  However, we recently (I say *we* because she asked for it and I bought it) discovered Discovery Girls magazine.  I'd never seen this before and really had been previously unaware that the tween magazine market had exploded to such a degree.  

Now, like the Kiddo, I've always loved American Girl magazine for its crafts and its adorable animal posters.  But I started flipping through Discovery Girls and found the coolest article.  It was about how they created a fictional magazine cover.  They took a tween girl who was "a bit of a tomboy" with short hair who preferred athletic clothes and they turned her into a cover girl.  Dresses, makeup, hair, the whole deal.  

The article went on to talk about how many people it took to get the girl dressed and made up and do her hair.  It talked about the number of people it took to get "the perfect shot" and then talked about all the computer editing they did to give her different hair and different clothes until they got "the perfect cover".  

What was great about this was that as the article went on, it talked about how one person could never achieve this look.  One tween girl would never be able to do the extensions and the makeup and the clothes and all this garbage all by herself.  It also mentioned how horrible it must make the model feel to have to endure all of these people doing all of this stuff to her to *make* her pretty.

The article ended with a promise that they would never manipulate photos for their magazine.  Now, I'm sure that they'll still have a makeup artist and a hair stylist for their photos.  But in looking at the other photos in the magazine, the models are refreshingly natural-looking.  You see the child, not the makeup or the hair.  And they don't look ten years older than their actual age.  This is not Selena Gomez on the cover of Glamour or Cosmo.  These are little girls who look like little girls.  If we can only keep them that way for a little longer, what a childhood they could have!  So my thanks go out to magazines like Discovery Girls and American Girl, for doing their part.

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