Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Miseries

I never know what I'm going to get from Little Miss on a Monday morning.  Some Mondays she's rip roaring ready to go attack the day and hang out with her friends.  Other times, she's super- clingy and begs to stay home with me.  Now, I can't exactly let her stay home every time she begs.  But then I feel like such an meanie that she's practically in tears begging to stay home and I'm forcing her to go into school.

Now, we've been (knowingly) dealing with Missy's anxiety for just over a year.  It used to be that her anxiety came out in behavioral issues and anger.  Now, we don't see as much of those issues.  But we are seeing much more frustration and classic anxiety symptoms.  We've been seeing her fixate on things that aren't necessarily about her and internalize them.  She worries about everything...all the time.  It's exhausting for us as parents.  I can't even imagine how exhausting it is for her.  Wish me luck as I try to adapt and make Mondays not so bad.

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