Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No kissing, please!!!

There are a lot of things I'm worried about when it comes to my Little Miss growing up.  First, she's not so little anymore.  So I'm going to have to start calling her Missy.  <pout>  She has now hit double digits which means full-on tween-dom.  Currently, she's not very interested in boys.  She seems to have a crush on one of her karate instructors but that's really it.  No one her age, so that's comforting in a way.  We're not worried about Missy being distracted in class because she's doodling some boy's name on her math quiz.  She's not spending endless hours picking up the phone and hanging it up while she tries to get up the courage to actually dial the boy's phone number just so she can say hi and then hang up.  I'm sure she'll get there eventually but I'm really hoping it's later rather than sooner.

The main reason I'm not looking forward to Missy having serious crushes: nuts.

Missy has a pretty major tree nut allergy.  She has had one anaphylactic reaction and her throat started to close within minutes.  During her allergy stick testing, her reactions were huge and immediate.  So all I can think of is my darling allergic child kissing some boy who ate oatmeal and walnut cookies at lunch.  What's going to happen?  Will that nut oil/protein transfer to Missy?  Will she recognize the signs if the reaction starts? Will she have her epi-pen or will she forget it at home before she went to the movies/the mall/mini golfing?  Will her friends recognize the signs?  Will Missy or her friends know what to do?

I keep hammering into her head that she needs to make sure she has her epi-pens.  I bought her a cute little wristlet bag that she can carry the pens in.  But I just can't keep myself from worrying about what *might* happen.

I had my first *real* kiss when I was 12 1/2.  Hopefully I have at least a few years before my worries become reality.  Fingers crossed that she ends up falling in crush with another nut-allergic kid!!!

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