Friday, July 5, 2013

Just trying to help.....or not.

Recently I had a friend post an article on Facebook on her own wall about childhood anxiety.  It was pretty typical so I told her to go back and re-read the article with Missy in mind.  She said that was what she had done and that it reminded her of Missy completely.  Made sense since Missy is displaying pretty typical anxiety these days.  (It used to be that her anxiety came out in bad behavior.  These days, however, she displays pretty classic anxiety symptoms instead of misbehaving.)

So okay, I thought, well, that's nice, since this friend leads one of Missy's extra-curricular activities, that she was looking into the whole anxiety thing so she could better relate to Missy.  But no, she went on to tell me that I should really consider telling the other girls in the activity that LM has anxiety so that THEY could understand her better.  Wait, WHAT?!  No!

This is not information to be disseminated to her peers!  Really, Missy's life is hard enough with the stuff she has to deal with, she doesn't need to add the pressure of her classmates judging her and knowing her "secrets".  Now, I'm not saying that it should be an actual secret never to be revealed.  But really, it's clearly difficult for some adults to understand a 10 year old with anxiety issues.  How does she or anyone else expect other 10 year olds to understand it?!

It's beyond me what this woman is thinking.

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